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This saction contains the sms messages based upon one’s true experiences about life. These messages are really helful if one understands their idea and apply it in his/her life.

Pencile Maker

A pencilmaker taught the pencils 5 important lessons.
1st- Everything u do wil always leave a mark.
2nd- You can always correct the mistakes u make.
3rd- What is important is what is inside u.
4th- In life u will undergo painful sharpenings which will make u a better pencil
5th- To be the best pencil, u must allow yourself to be held and guided by the Hand that holds u. ::

.”Namaz Ki Shaan”

…”Namaz Ki Shaan”…

Jab tu namaz k liye khara hota hai to sir sey
Aasmaan tak
Ghata ban k chah jati
Farishtay terey
chehrey ki taraf jama
ho jatey hain,
Ek farishta
pukarta hai k Ay
namazi agar tu
dekh ley k terey samney kon hai or
tu kis sey baat kar raha hai to KHUDA ki qasam tu
Qayamat tak salam na pheray…,