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This saction contains the sms messages based upon one’s true experiences about life. These messages are really helful if one understands their idea and apply it in his/her life.

In A Battle

In a battle,
a soldier was going to bring his wounded friend back from the field
His captain says,
Its of no use! your friend must be dead
But soldier still goes and brings back his friend
Seeing the dead body, captain says
I told you its of no worth. He is dead.
The soldier replies
“No sir, it was really of great worth. When I reached, my friend saw me, smiled and said his last words.
“I KNEW YoU Will COME!”.

“Dedicated to all my –FRIENDS” !

Farishta Hi Ho Gai!

If A Girl Laughs Loudly She Is Cheerful, If Boy Laughs Loudly He Is Mannerless!

If Girl Talks Sweetly She Is Charmin, If Boy Talks Sweetly He Is A Flirt!

If A Girl Is Shoping She Is Trendy, If Boy Is Shoping He Is Wasting Money!

If Girl Is Silent She Is Feeling Sad, If A Boy Is Silent He Is Being Rude!

If Girls Walk In A Group Its A Group, If Boy Walks In A Group Its A GANG!

Kuri Na Ho Gai, Farishta Hi Ho Gai!



Ki geharai,13 mtr
18X14 ft
4000,saal pehle iski Ibteda hoi
Us k bad se kabhi ye Khushk nai hoa
Na kabhi zayeqa Badla
Na kabhi koi poda uga
Or na ab tak is ki Tehon me koi jhari Pai gai
Isi waja se koi marz B nai paya gya
Is ko European Laboritories me test kia gya
Or peene k liye fit qrar dia gya
Is chotay se kunway se lakhon logon k liye Heavy motors k zarye 24 ghantay 8000 liters per second pani “zamzam” nikala jata he

Or aglay 11 minutes me hi ye apne level pe ajata hy
Or aj tak qudrati tor pr pani ka Level B kam nai hoa
send to all urs