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This saction contains the sms messages based upon one’s true experiences about life. These messages are really helful if one understands their idea and apply it in his/her life.

= D U A =

= D U A =

Ya Allah hum tujh se mangtay hain

Aisi mafi jis k bad gunah na ho,

Aisi hidayat jis k bad gumrahi na ho,

Aisi raza jis k bad narazge na ho,

Aisi rehmat jis k bad azab na ho,

Aisi kamyabi jis k bad nakami na ho,

Aisi izat jis k bad zilat na ho,

Ae ALLAH hamain dunya aur AKHRAT ki zilat se bacha aur aisa bana de k tuje pasand aa jain

Ameen!Ilahe Ameen.